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The Movie Crash Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Movie Crash - Essay ExampleThe scene avoids conversations leading to the topic on racism the author and journalist Jeff Chang tends to feature the practice as an abuse to Hollywood subsequent to 9/11.When an individual watch the movie for the first time elements of race and disfavor appears evidently present. In as much as, the movie constantly talks about the issue of shoving racism, it ends up contradicting the message as the movie constantly voices, the advantages and superiority that the whites enjoys in the film (Haggis et al, 24). The whites in the movie force tend to enjoy superior positions, both in social class and economic settings. White characters such as Jean and Rick Cabot, acted by Sandra Bullock with Brendan Fraser correspondingly, appear as prominent individuals in L.A socialites characters bid Rick, works as the District Attorney of Los Angeles (Haggis et al, 124). The society in the film comprises wealthy nigrify producers the likes of Cameron Thayer (Te rence Howard), who despite their wealthy status, experiences social insecurity. Tony Danza, a television chief producer, some other white character tells Thayer, who appears black to ensure that one of his actors brings out a more black personality as the character must(prenominal) appear as the dumb one. Characters like John Ryan, who appears to be played by Matt Dillion, and gobbler Hasan Played by Ryan Phillippe appear as police detectives in the Los Angeles Police Department. The film clearly depicts that no white character that is seen struggling with financial discomforts. At this juncture, most of the alternative characters appear as poverty-stricken or defenseless socially in the society (Haggis et al, 110). Michael Penas, acts as Daniel, a issue Hispanic, family man, who has a young daughter appears as a working class. The daughter appears to sleep under the bed, on hearing the shot shots, the audience, which scared her. Her fears come the incident when a bullet penet rated into her room, in their former old house they had only if vacated Daniel later comments saying that the areas neighborhood appeared as insecure (Haggis et al, 124). He operates for a 24-hour locksmith who leaves for a call at jean and Rick Cabots residence he bumps into two youthful slow car thieves named Antony (Ludacris) and peter (Latez Tate). Jean demands the change of the locks as she believes that Daniel might give the key to his supposed friends, look as members of the gang. Daniel overhears the statement that Jean made as he was in the down Hall way. Daniel is in like manner seen fixing Farhads convenience stores back door. Daniel tells the store owner that the door requires heterotaxy the idea appears to disturb Farhad, the older Persian man, engages in business, misinterprets Daniels quest. Daniel and Fahad end up shouting at each other at this juncture, Fahad terms Daniel as a fraudulent man (Haggis et al, 111). There exists another Officer named Ryan Ryans enc ounters a situation where he must contend with racism. The racism originates from Ryan fathers retrogress in life. Ryan appears underprivileged, in a way that he struggles to get the basic items including food and shelter. These appears as movie demonstration, despite the fact that, they appear slightly exaggerated, displaying how the wealthy individuals resides in the States (Haggis et al, 122). Contrary, the whites enjoy a discrete group comprising of Americans

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