Friday, May 10, 2019

Health Assessment of a Geriatric Patient Assignment

Health Assessment of a geriatric Patient - Assignment ExampleWhile performing a health assessment among the geriatric patients, a nurse should keep in mind the special considerations that the physiological process is unique in this advance group of patients. There are illnesses and conditions related to the changing of the physiological functions resulting from an advancement in age. During the performance of visible examination, the nurse must equally avoid prolonged exposure of the patients as the geriatric patients easily lax head and are prone to hypothermia (Rosen & Reuben, 2011).Due to the multiplicity of conditions experienced by the geriatric patients, a thoroughgoing health history is essential in understanding the nature of the condition. In certain instances when the elderly cannot intelligibly express the condition, interviewing of the family members is essential in helping to understand the conditions. Additionally, during the assessment, the elderly must be treate d with circumspection since these groups of people are accustomed to falls. The patients assessment should be done in an environment that is spacious nice but has for support appliances that will prevent the fall of the patients (Kenis et al., 2013).Kenis, C., Bron, D., Libert, Y., Decoster, L., Van Puyvelde, K., Scalliet, P., Wildiers, H. (2013). Relevance of a systematic geriatric screening and assessment in older patients with cancer results of a prospective multicentric study. Annals of Oncology Official ledger of the European Society for Medical Oncology / ESMO, 24,

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