Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Operations Management group work assignment Essay

Operations counselling group work assignment - Essay ExampleEach group should have an item for producing and a leader who coordinate the exertion process. The over and under merchandise problem could be addressed by understanding the genuine number of items required in the market on a daily basis. It means that prior production students should investigate the number of orders that they should meet per day so as to avoid the problem of wastage or to military campaign out of stock. Students could solve the problem of missing necessary ingredients in their products by having a kitchen recipe that guides them on how to manufacture each item (Slack, Brandon-jones & Johnston, 2014).Various stipulations should be made to ensure sustainability on proposed changes. The first consideration is that students should embrace technology when producing the cupcakes and other items. Technology could help to produce high-quality items and promptly meet large market demand. Further, process mappi ng should be considered to ensure sustainability. Process mapping may help to manage the production process and ensure the needs of customers are met. It may also help to reduce flaws and resource wastage (Connor & Dovers,

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