Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The glass ceiling Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The glass jacket crown - Essay Exampleceived superiority of men in administrative and leadership roles, diminishment of womens voices in decision-making situations and valuation of perceive masculine traits, such as, aggression and dominance over perceived maidenlike traits like understanding and patients, especially in highly competitive and political environments.The glass ceiling has a variety of effects on women. The first and most obvious is to subtly exclude them from arriver top positions in their fields. While a few women do make it into upper management or leadership roles in their fields, the vast majority of most professions, and especially the highest echelons of those professions, remain dominated by men. This mental process can also create a significant negative impact on a fair sexs personal life. Most obviously, professional stalling that occurs when women hit the glass ceiling and be no longer able to advance creates significant emotional problems, such as, p rofessional frustration and decreased self-worth.Women are often made to make lose-lose choices, for instance, having to decide between having a child, and thus loosing time, energy and prestige at work, or focusing on their careers and losing out on family opportunities choices men are never forced to make. (For marvel three, maybe focus on things such as the fact that you can use traditionally feminine traits to be an excellent psychologist, you can side-step traditional hierarchies that exist in other professions, and publish work in a merit-based fashion to achieve prestige without needing to go through patriarchal

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