Thursday, May 16, 2019

Network Design Consultation Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Network Design Consultation - Research Paper ExampleThese elements go forth all surely be discussed very in-depth in this piece. II. Recommended Design, Hardw ar, & Softwargon That Meets The Customers Needs A recommended design that ordain meet the customers needs will have 3 computers a printer will also be included. File sharing is included, along with wireless internet access, several Gmail and Yahoo and/or Admin addresses at the organizations official address additionally, basic security like Norton Antivirus, can be purchased. This would all be within the ballpark of $4000, $1000 under budget, with running costs about $cc per month. There have been several studies done showing that good technical writing yields helpful results, specially when it comes to task-oriented information. According to Pringle and OKeefe (2003), Task-oriented writing makes up the bulk of technical documentationinstallation manuals, getting started manuals, and substance abuser guides, for example (pp . 91). III. Original Diagram of the Configuration IV. ... This would probably be done with the help of an online site such(prenominal) as CodePad (at http// or others which helps a broadcastmer figure out if his or her C++ (or other lineament of code) works functionally. Thus, one can test ones own code being entered intothe online program and see if ones code works. Finally, the written report would basically evidence how the code works, wherefore it would be used, and how it would be beneficial to the organization that would be utilizing it. To be brief, basically the written report would demonstrate the facility of use and usefulness of the scheduling code for the supervisory roles or Admins. It might also be a code which could be marketed to other organizations and/or business or be put online as open source code in order to enhance businesses functioning so they would run more smoothly. V. embody Table Listing All Items Needed to Purchase and Associated Co sts ITEM COST virus Protection (Norton Antivirus) Subscription for One Year $100 3 computers (1 Mac OSX, 2 Windows 7) $2000 Admins Salary $1900 Total Cost $4000 VI. Basic Configuration Recommended for a Secure Computing Environment The core activities to be focused upon are to provide clear purpose and direction to the workforce, optimize use of financial and other resources, increase running(a) efficiency and effectiveness, plan and prioritise projects and activities and deliver on time, and remain within budget and achieve carrying out targets. There are six important activities that lay at the heart of organizational dealings, many of which are aligned with becoming a green or environmentaly-friendly company. These are technical, commercial, financial,

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